Saturday, September 18, 2010


I began researching for Cursed with Power.  This time around I'm deciding an actual place to set the characters in and then the towns I can either keep made up or name whatever I wish.  I'm trying to decide between Ireland or Romania.  It's a hard choice, but when I have come to a decision I shall let you know.

While I thought I could keep the first three chapters and the prologue as they are, I am thinking now that is not the case.  I may very well just have to rework it all.
Here's an idea of what I think I'll be doing, though.  I'm going to get all the historical facts correct so it seems as real as ever that these characters are living in 1573.  Then I'll add in all the fantasy elements.  I think this way it will be more believable because it will have history coming into fantasy, and then maybe you'll even have more of a reason to think, "Yes, this could have happened."   Like it?
I'll post again soon.  And by the way, there's a new cover for Gracien's Staircase coming soon.

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Summer Ross said...

great idea. In almost any decision facts should come first then you add in the rest. I think it will really bring in a more real aspect doing it that way.

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