Friday, September 3, 2010

In the 600s

Book JacketCursed with Power has finally made it into the 600s.  OH MY GOSH!

To tell you more news about it, though, here I go.  I think this year while I'm in independent research I'll be researching for this book. Why should you care?  Well because honestly I think major changes for the book are coming.  I'm thinking that if I do this book for my project I'm going to keep the first three chapters as is, but 4th and so on are in for something new.
After doing deep research on the 1500s and so forth I think the book will be much better, so I'll updated Cursed with Power when I have updates to put in.  For now, though, you can feel free to read how everything is.
Interested in reading the book?

Read the book here.


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