Friday, October 1, 2010


Last night I came up with a crazy wonderful and bizarre kind of idea.  I really cannot go through with this idea unless I get feedback from all of you.
As you'll see I've added a poll to the blog and I have created a survey which I am embedding here for you.

I'm considering making a third blog --because I have this one and Write Here's official blog, mind you-- about solely the Magicians series.  I think this could be fun and interesting, and while fans and readers could follow it everybody else could follow it to just for the heck of it.  I'm really into blogging, so you all know I would definitely have posts up daily.  I'm not saying that because of this idea and if I went through with it that I would not continue to talk about the series and etc on this blog, but I feel there's even more that could be done if I have just a blog focusing on solely that series and that series alone.

Please take the survey --it's not too long and you answer what you want to.  If you don't have time for the survey just answer the poll for me.  I want to hear feedback soon so I can figure out what to do with this possible *new* blog.  If you don't feel like answering the poll or survey just leave a comment at the least with your thoughts.




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