Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chapter Five...Memory

Chapter five......
In chapter five of Cursed with Power there are a lot of new elements brought into the story.  The original chapter 5 only contained two major events; however due to the new version I have written up those events have been split apart.  Therefore, if you read the original chapter I urge you to read the new version that has been posted up so you can better understand what next will be happening in the book.
Whilst Celestria learns more about Leal in this chapter, she also has reasons for not fully trusting him.  She then is confronted by an event that had occurred in her childhood when in the town of Nilore.  This "event" you'll have to read about because you know I'm not one to give away surprises.
I spent a lot of time on this chapter, even though there still are matters I have to fix pertaining to the chapter.  All the same, I hope you can find the time to read it and tell me your thoughts about it.
Coming next...
I am now getting to work on chapter 6.  It is unfortunately one of the most challenging and saddest chapters I will have to write.  I don't particuarly like what happens in this chapter, but I've spent five months working on Celestria's character and I feel this is more of what she has already decided and I must act upon.
My heart reasoned with me and argued that he was not lying, but my conscience thought otherwise.


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