Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking

Happy Halloween everyone!  Trick or treat?  Here's your treat:

First off let me just say that I realize it took me an entire WEEK to post this chapter.  The truth of the mater is 1) No, I did not fall off the Earth and 2) No, I did not stop writing. I simply did not get this posted as I planned on Thursday/Friday because I was running into techincal problems with Word while at the same time finding it difficult to write the chapter.  So let's talk about the chapter, shall we?  (Because let's face it Tessa can't wait another day for the update on this chapter *wink wink*)

In chapter seven there is a lot that happens which is essential and significant to the story, though you may not fully understand why until you read the entire book.  There's not a whole lot that I can say about the chapter or I'll give something away, but I can tell you a little bit and to make up for the little I tell you I can give you a sneak preview.
Celestria is visited by people she knows...People she knows a bit too well.   How is she "visited" and who are these people?  You'll have to read the chapter to find out, but here's a excerpt from the chapter:

Léal… I lay back on the mattress as he name continued to cloud my thoughts.  I had been thinking about my sister…and now I was thinking about him.  I had let him leave, yet here he was coming back into my mind as if I needed to remember him right now.  As if I needed to remember his striking appearance, his beautiful and relaxed eyes, his wide and full smile, and his easy way of joking.
I allowed my eyes to close as I continued thinking of him.  He would never return to me; this much I was certain of because if he did he would be going against what I had asked of him.  I would never see him again…

It was a bright light that entered my room and woke me.  I opened my eyes and sat up, blinking several times so I could adjust.  A purple light shined in my face; I almost could not see anything but the light itself.  Then the whole room lit up to be white, and what had once been a purple orb of light now was a person.  She had a long, dark green, silky dress on that covered her feet.  Her eyes were sapphire and her hair was golden.
“Dyanna!” I cried in joy.  

Is Dyanna alive?  Where is Celestria and how has she come to find her sister? Perhaps the greatest mystery yet to solve lies only a click away from you.  Read the entire chapter here.

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