Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter six...Departure

Chapter Six
A chapter filled with emotion, saddnes, and promises...
In chapter six Celestria comes to a decision because of previous events in the book.  It is this decision that ultimately effects how the remainder of her story turns out.  However, she does not know the impact of her choice in this chapter.  Will she ever realize it?
One of the main reasons this chapter is emotional is because it is a part in the book where the reader has to accept Celestria's feelings and reasonings despite whether the readers agrees with them or no.  While what happens may be upsetting, there is more to come in Celestria's story and the reader must continue to depend on her to tell everything that is occuring.
What is this decision of Celestria's?  Why is it upsetting?  How does it affect her future?
Find out when you read Cursed with Power.
Coming next...
In the following chapters a new element comes into the book...magic.  It's the word that has been mentioned over and over again, yet with little explanation.  What is a Dark magician and what makes them evil?  What powers does Celestria have?  If Celestria hated Dark magic as a child why did she not run away from it?  Perhaps more importantly, why does Celestria not run away from it now to save herself?
Soon the story no longer revolves around Celestria traveling about in search of Ruald, who may or may not be dead.  She clearly has to accept that the world has turned against her and if she does not run for her life she will not survive.  Survival.  She must depend on herself in order to get through the madness that comes her way.  And accpetance.  She must accept what has occured in her past or find a way to coop with her grief and denial.
And two important questions remain as the story continues: What really happened to Dyanna?
Where are these other three Dark magiciains? (I would say four, but Celestria and Leal already found each other hence why I did not include him in that question.)


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