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Character Blog Mondays: Today with Auran

Character Blog Mondays are days on the blog in which a character "posts" to tell their opinion on a matter or give their own account of something.  Take these posts for what they are, but they are really an even better way for you to open yourself up to new characters.  Characters are chosen from my projects; information about them is brought forth before they begin speaking as they shall.  Please remember during these posts the character --not me--is speaking his/her mind so you are able to introduce yourself to them.  Also note that pictures are not accurate representations of characters,  but are merely for visual affects.  Enjoy!
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Name: Auran Ponte (accent on the "e" to the right)
Ancestors: French
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Current Location of Residence: Zyre
Occupation: Sun Magician
Featured in the books: The Guards of Fairyland; Everblue
Read more about Auran: read Everblue today

If there was ever a time when I was scared it was when I first met the man who assured me there was something different about me.  I had of course already determined this myself by having researched the mark that lay clearly marked on my wrist.  However, he had been so serious when he had told me there were seven others like me that I had been blown away.  It was as if God had sent him to tell me I needed to find these other seven.

I smirk as I think back to that now.  Everything that's happened...Everything that may very well happen.  It was long ago when I found out I was a magician and it was even longer ago when I determined how to act on that fact.
Elainia stands beside me, talking and carrying on without realizing that I've lost interest in what she is saying.  Mind you it is not only because the matter she speaks of bores me, but more so because in the corner of the garden we stand in is a man I do not recognize.  I had been watching him all this while; I suppose he had thought himself smart and sneaky, but his clean white tunic and silver pants made him stand out clear as day.
I tap Elainia on her arm as the man advances towards us.  Though he craws like an animal, he surely sees that I've spotted him by now.  I do not wait for a word from my partner; I walk up to the man and grab him by the neck of his tunic.  He struggles to be released and then whispers a word I've become much too familiar with.

I have gotten myself involved in another fight.  Dear God have mercy on me.

Interested in what you've read so far?  Request to hear from Auran again on Character Mondays.  Read the story this scene was inspired from: Everblue

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Everblue was a book I found myself writing after starting the second book in the Lights trilogy, The Guards of Fairyland. I primarily took the new eight magicians in The Guards of Fairyland and created a book which went into details of their life before they knew they were magicians.
The book revolves around the main eight magicians who are said to be the greatest of all time.  However, these magicians themselves doubt this prophecy and began to question truth and destiny as they continue to get involved in more magical fights and so forth.
You can read the full story on inkpop, though it is going through revisions.  The Guards of fairyland unfortunately is not public yet, but if you would like to be notified when it does please let me know.
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Anonymous said...

Have you added more to EverBlue?! I'd like to be on the update list please!

LReneeS said...

Unfortunately I haven't as of recent, but I do work on it in my free time. I'll add you to the list for updates:) Thanks for your ongoing interest, and I hope this post made you more curious about the book.
How far did you read into the story?

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