Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wanna hear a secret?

 Well I literally just wrote up this post but Blogger decided to hate me.  So now I'm writing it all over again off the top of my head.  But hey, it's not like I don't mind that I get to waste time writing the same post twice. *sarcasm*Cursed with Power
A new cover is being made for Cursed with Power.  I do like the one I have right now, but the cover creator and I agreed that it's time for a change.  And you guys are the first to know --I haven't told anybody else yet:)  Aren't you just lucky duckies?

designed by Lex Born
Now Rescue Me is a new short story I am writing up.  I hope to have it finished to put it in this month's edition of Teen Inkst.
I cannot remember if I ever posted the official summary for the book, so I'll do that later if i get the chance and actually remember to.

October 20th....Important date?  Heck yes!
This is the deadline for Teen Inkst submissions for October. I am so behind in submitting, but I've been really caught up with work school, and Cursed with Power.  
Since I only have TWO days left to finish the book, I may not be able to submit it for this month. Don't worry; I have a backup story...Fake Truth.
cover designed by MacKenzie Cast
Fake Truth is a short story that is a suspenseful thriller.  I've posted the official summary to this story before, but basically in this story two teenager boys see their best friend murdered before their very eyes.  They decide to lie to the police, and they do not tell of the strangers who killed their friend, Mandie.  However, very soon the boys realize how dangerous it is for them to know about the incident at all.

Here comes an action thriller where lying will either keep you alive or kill you in cold blood.

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I love the 'Now Rescue Me' cover! It is so pretty! Can't wait to read, :D.

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