Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thou art....strange

No, I don't think you are strange --for anyone who reads Cursed with Power you would realize that's a quote from the book.

Last night --before I read the devastating comment someone left me about The Magic of Light--I read a comment on Cursed with Power.  I won't say a name here, but I will just mention some of what the person said because honestly I thought I had explained this before for my book...
She said that the old English in my book is "distracting".  Well, I really don't see how.  Yeah, I've got some polishing to do with it, but the characters in Cursed with Power live back in 1573.  It only makes sense for them to say "thou" and "thee" instead of "you".  And while yes this book is fantasy, there are still historical aspects I'm trying to weave into the book.
The old English is staying. No ifs ands or buts.
Now if there's something you find that doesn't make any sense or you'd like for me to explain I definitely will.  I actually already had one of my readers request I perhaps explain some older terms when the Magicians series blog is public.
I am willing to do that, but if someone thinks I'm going to change the dialog in this book for a third time all over again... NO.  Sorry, but no way.

Anyways, that was my little rant there for a minute.  Sorry to any of you who I bored during that.


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