Friday, October 29, 2010

It's almost Halloween and there's a lot happening on the blogs

Today I went to a Halloween party, hence why I was unable to blog much at all until just now.  I thought I'd give you some updates on what's happened and what will be happening.

A new cover was made for New Life.  The designer also made a book jacket, but I do not know if I can show the book jacket yet because it shows the summary.  I mean, the summary doesn't give away anything, but still....

On the Magicians series blog TOMORROW the post about Leal will be up.  Trust me, you won't want to miss out.

Cursed with Power is in the late 300s for ranking.  Finally!  Thanks for all the ongoing support..

Chapter seven of Cursed with Power will be posted as soon as Microsoft Word decides to stop hating on me.   Keep your fingers crossed because without any luck there will be problems with me being able to write new material for any and all of my books.  (Then that would drive me insane and I would probably rant about it here on the blog.)

I hope to see you on the Magicians series blog tomorrow.  Don't miss out!  Leal.  Enough said.  Come.  Be there.  

Be there for the magic:


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