Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapter four... with that guy you know... LEAL

4: Someone to Need
I realize it's been a while since I've done an update on this blog about Cursed with Power.  I sincerely apologize to all of you who love --for some reason or another--reading updates about the book.  I can't remember when I last did an update because I've been busy with the new blog, surveys, the new contest, and etc etc... Oh well, I will start here.  At chapter four, which I posted up last night but didn't have the chance to tell you about.

In chapter four the entrance of a seemingly minor character comes into the story.  Yes, ladies and gents, I am talking about Leal.  He at first was going to be as minor as a character can get.  I suppose a lot of you are curious about just how minor he would have been, but I think that I will save for you to read on the Magicians series blog.
Anyways, the original chapter involved a lot of talking between Celestria and Leal.  Somehow or another there was something about Leal that caught everyone's attention.  I may never fully know why many of you fans like his character as much as you tell me, but I assure you there is more about Leal than first appears to be.  All the same, I was very strict with myself while writing this chapter because I wanted to make sure that whatever had sparked your interest in his character stayed in the story.
While at first I thought I would most likely keep the dialog in this chapter the same as in the first original version, I ended up changed it all because I felt that the conversation between Celestria and Leal needed to flow smoothly.
Who is Leal and what's all this talk about him for?  I would answer that question, but I think the best answer you can get from the chapter itself.  The reactions I've gotten from this chapter were unbelievable; I truly did not expect everyone to fall so madly in love with Leal and now I'm only more interested to see how you'll react as both you and Celestria find out more about him...

It was brought to my attention early that there doesn't seem to be much magic involved in the first few chapters.  Well, that is exactly why I'm going to give you some hints as to what is coming in the next few chapters.  There is definitely magic in this book, I assure you of that.

Coming next in Cursed with Power...
You know I'm not one to give away anything major, especially with books.  However, I feel it necessary to tell you about the following chapters in a brief kind of way because then it *hopefully* gives you something to look forward to.
I think for the book itself, chapter four was like the top of the staircase.  So far there has been lots of talk about magic, and Celestria has explained in more than one way how her world has shattered before her, but I don't think yet anyone can fully understand why people hate her.  Or even why she feels she cannot escape what she once called a "nightmare".
From chapter four we see a new side to Celestria, and then more mystery enters into the story once more.  The fact of the matter is you only know as much as Celestria knows.  She believes Dyanna is dead; you do no know what happened to her.  She thinks Leal is handsome but doubts him; you are only able to judge him from what he says and does.  All the same, while these unknown matters may be addressed very soon, there are much larger events that will leave you questioning everything.
The world of magic is about to come to life in the book... this may not be something Celestria will want to look forward to.  What makes her evil and why it is so hard to change the person she has become will be made clear to you.
In Cursed with Power the magical world is perceived in a different way.  The reader may find him/herself depending on Celestria to discover what is true and what is in the shadows of the world during these next coming up scenes.

"My talk about shadows is no joke, Miss Hale.  There are dark parts of this world thou have not seen before; I can only hope thou shall not ever be exposed to them." Leal said solemnly.

Read the book?!
*PLEASE NOTE: Leal's name has an accent on the "e".  I am sorry I did not take the extra time to post that within this update, but this was my second time typing this up so I assume you can understand.*


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