Monday, October 25, 2010

STRONGER **yes this is my Nano selection**

The moment you cry out as a damsel in distress is when they take advantage of you.  Never fear the blade in your hand.
To the public view Jocelyn was an ordinary princess.  Her family, however, knew she was becoming much more than that.  She had been trained well to defend herself.  Though no one wanted to admit it, she was the only heir left to the throne.
"You need to learn this.  My lady, we are running short of time." Kerrich said.
"I know. Dalmas is sending someone to kill me.  I am ready." Jocelyn said as Kerrich placed the long, thin knife in her hand.
"There's no telling what might happen, dearest Jocelyn.  You must be brave and for the sake of this palace, your family, your people, and even myself you cannot fail us." Kerrich said.  He was almost whispering, and Jocelyn could see that his cheeks were getting wet.
The door to Jocelyn's bedroom creaked open.  She grabbed the knife that lay on her nightstand, but she remained motionless in her bed.  A figure came over to her.  Its hands came down, holding a shining object, and Jocelyn screamed.  Then the knife went into skin...

There you have it, everyone.  This is my nano selection for this year and either you'll love it or hate it but I have exactly 30 days and 30 nights to write this book once November comes around.  If you want to be on the mailing list for updates on STRONGER or would like to hear more about how the idea came to me and so forth leave me a comment.

Be there for the magic:

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I would like to be on the update list! It sounds great, :D.

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