Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Planning ahead...Yeah right, I wish

I actually have done some planning of what I want to get accomplished for today, but whether I will actually complete these plans I've set out with is another story.  I have to work until 8pm tonight, so it's not exactly like my afternoon is free me to blog and whatnot.
Later this evening I hope to....

  • continue working on chapter 7 of Cursed with Power  --I feel like I've wasted way too long staring at the first two paragraphs for this chapter and I need to get the story moving along not only so I can have a state of peace in mind but so my readers --yes, you all--can read what you've been waiting for
  • finish chapter 2 of Certain Fate --I've procrastinated with this book, I admit it.  However, I honestly do want to write the first 10,000 words so it can at last go public.  Hooray, hooray!  (What, am I the only one excited?)
  • Revise/re-write/do something with the prologue off Everblue --not all that many people have read Everblue, but I've recently tried to begin polishing it because I'm so sick and tired of saying "here's another book I haven't finished"
  • Finish prologue for The Magic of Light --yes, I'm thinking a prologue is necessary and besides I really like prologues and feel if I can pull the reader in at that point of the story then no worries...yeah, I wish it was that easy....
As you can see I have written out too much for myself to do today, but I pretty much go through this everyday.  Why am I sharing this with you?  It's so when and if I am blogging later tonight you can remind me of this long list full with madness I have to get working on.
Really, I mean look at that list.  FOUR BOOKS?!  It is madness and it's probably mentally destroying me working on so many projects as once, but as I was working with different ideas I would lose track of where to go next and then I would begin a new project.  Now while I have Cursed with Power there are at least these other books which can keep me company when I feel that Celestria and I have lost connection with each other entirely.
For any of you avid readers out there, I'll let you in on a secret: I'm going to post the prologue of The Magic of Light on this blog once I have it finished.  You will be able to read it.  Shh, don't let anybody know I told you.
<-----And maybe it's just me, but that's a really creepy face to make...even if she is winking.

Be there for the magic: www.themagiciansseries.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

I won't tell! But I will threaten you with swords if you don't share it! JK. :D Good luck...I'm supposed to be rewriting the Peasant Princess as we speak...*slinks off*

Cleverly Inked said...

Busy Busy, Yes it's creepy

LReneeS said...

Tessa: Awesome threat! Haha, don't worry. I already told you...I shall definitely share it:)

Julie Musil said...

Hey Lindsey, I just tweeted about your Magician Series blog with the link. I have more followers on Twitter, so it went out to loads of people. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I Freaking LOVE Sarah Palin <3
If she runs against Obama, she gets my vote. :D

LReneeS said...

Julie: Thanks so much hon!
Laura: haha nice;)

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