Sunday, October 24, 2010

Empty Road

Empty Road
During the minute Hudson looked away from the road he hit something... a person.
In a minute --a simple 60 seconds--Hudson looks away from the road he is driving on.  Then, without warning, he hits something and slams his foot on the brakes.  When he and his twin brother get out of the car they are both horrified.  It was not something they was someone.
Hudson realizes he's hit a young woman, who can't be any older than him at the age of 21.  While his brother reasons with him that they need to call the police he stands motionless and stares at the dead body beside his car.  The gruesome sight makes him sick; he can't think straight and he wishes to God that he could go back in time.
In a moment everything goes back to when Hudson had started driving down the empty road in Nebraska.  And just as he sees the girl in the corner of his  eye and stops she asks him for a ride.  Her, the woman he killed, now stands to the side of his car.
What really happened?  Is God giving him another chance or is he in a state of shock and denial?
*Cover by Kelly Moton
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That sounds good! Short story or book?

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