Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well would you look at that....

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I can't believe the ranking for Cursed with Power is finally at 503.  While I have work this afternoon *sad faces all around* I hope the ranking will not go up during that time.  It was 511 yesterday....inkies, keep your eye on my book.  Make sure it does not go up but only continues to go down.  Please?

When I do get back to having some spare time I am planning on finishing chapter five of Cursed with Power.  Are you just the slightest curious?  Even if you're not, I'm going to let you get inside the story a bit....
Let's see if there's anything happening that will be interesting....
Chapter Five
I don't know want to give away anything and I especially don't want to say so much that I ruin when I'll post up the update for this chapter.  However, I will tell you little matters here and there....
Leal anyone?  YES, he's in this chapter.
I can guarantee you in this chapter there's more conversing between Celestria and Leal.  (Sorry I'm not putting the accent in his name....)
Why does it seem I'm always mentioning Leal?!
It doesn't seem that way... that's because I actually probably always do --especially since I happen to know certain people *cough cough Annie and Pslams* absolutely love his character as if there is no tomorrow.
Honestly I'm glad you guys love him so much.
Remember black ashes.....?
Hey, weren't black ashes mentioned in the first chapter?  Hmmm, that's so strange.  I wonder why I would mention that right now. *sarcasm* Perhaps by reading the chapter you can find out....
There. Have. Been. Major. Changes.
Yes, actually chapter five is changing entirely from what it was like in the original copy of the book.  Hence why you should read the new version once I have it posted up.  Trust me when I say you don't want to miss this chapter.... not for anything.

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