Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cursed with Power... writing more

Book JacketToday I am writing more for Cursed with Power.  I think that for those of you who are reading it or have a least been keeping up with the posts I blog about it you will find that there is much more awaiting both you and Celestria in this story.
What happens next is what you're not going to expect... much less believe!
Just while matters are seemingly starting to go well for Celestria she finds out there is much more to come her way.  Unfortunately it is not at all good.  New characters come to enter into the story and Celestria goes to seek out an old foe.
Can she survive through it?
I ask this question but I know that you are asking exactly what she has to worry about surviving.  Well, my fellow followers and viewers, I cannot give that away to you.  However, I will let you know that I have outlined the ending of the book and as I said in an early post this ending is just the right ending to lead you into New Life.
As eager as I may be to write out the ending of the book there is still more Celestria has to tell you about.  Her journey is far from being over.
Haven't read it yet?
If you haven't read this book yet I am not exactly the right person to be saying you should read it --seeing as I'm bias--but you should definitely consider taking a glance at the summary if nothing else to get some ideas of your own on the book.
Read it here.Review it. Leave a comment. Add it.

Check in again later today on the blog to hear about chapter 14, which I'm in the process of writing right now.  Let's all hope I'll stay focused and force myself to write and finish more than one chapter.


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