Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why would you give up?

I admit I've been on IP a lot lately, trying to promote my book and whatnot.  Here's what is really starting to bother me.
Writers are giving up too easily.
I've been seeing way too many forum threads and other notices where a writer is simply saying that they are going to quit or take down their book just because they can't get enough views.  I understand that it can be frustrating on IP when you want to be in the top five but your in the 1000s or --like me-- in the 700s, but I don't think that means you should just give up all together.
It's not easy to get people to read your work, and yes you go through so much just to get one person to read it, but if you give up now you might as well never come back to it.  You've got to keep trying, guys, despite how much work you've already done.
Before you quit or take down a story ask yourself this:

  • Why am I quiting/deleting a story?
  • Are there any people who do like my work?  Can I ask them to help me find more readers?
  • How am I going to promote my book if not online with many other writing just like myself?  How can I deal with rejections if I quit?
  • Was all the work I did to get this far worth it to now just give up all together?
So yes I know I've kind of ranted here about not quiting on IP, but it is possible to actually get somewhere there.  Some of my friends on there are in the top five or making it to that.  Hope this helped anybody who is part of IP and was considering quiting.


Alison said...

What is IP?

LReneeS said...

Allsion: Inkpop; sorry I usually just abbreviate it. It's an online writing community for writers of YA literature.

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