Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Writers Blog Award

This is my first time actually handing out an award on the blog, besides the ones I received and passed on.  For those of you who are writers and blog on Blogger I have noticed your work.  I have tried to read what you write.
Writers Blog Award is an award I'm giving out today to bloggers who I feel really blog about writing in the right way.  They not only keep their blog interesting, but they also make anyone who reads it feel like they are in the right place.
Shall we see who gets this award?  (Please note that I must give this award to several bloggers because just one would not be fair).

Elana Johnson from Elana Johnson, Author.  Elana always keeps her topics on writing and usually will give out great advice on how she has come to be successful.  She asks great questions and she answers them as well.  She's obviously a hard working writer who deserves to be recognized.
Ronald D. Yeomans from Writing in the Crosshairs.  Though I can't always find the time to comment on Ronald's posts, I have read them and they are brilliant.  He manages to make his posts with advice interesting and then other times he posts his own writing.  Besides that, I haven't seen too many brief posts; this is a guy who writes his heart out into his blog and inspires other writers by doing so.
Evie J from Peace, Love, and Books.  Again, another great blogger who I unfortunately do not get to comment to often.  Still, her posts are about books and whatever kind of writing she gets herself involved in.  She has manages to stay in the top five for this month and still find time to blog.  You go girl!
Julie Musil from Julie Musil.  A writer of fiction and nonfiction who is so helpful and willing to make meaningful blogs.  Someone who will hopefully get recognized soon for her talents as a writer.  You might remember her from the writers interview.  A great writing friend, excellent blog, passionate writer, and probably so much more.

If you did not get the award please do not think that I don't adore your blog.  There are so many of you who I would like to award, but I fear that if I were to continue I would end up giving too many people this award. Julie, Evie, Ronald, Elana please make sure to stop by and collect your award.  Like most awards, I ask you post this on your blog and spread it to writers who you follow and admire.
And again, there were many more writers I wanted to include.  Another award I'll put up come September perhaps if I'm not too busy with school.
Congrats to the award winners!  Keep up the great blogging and writing!  Pass it on; this could make someone's day.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I am really honored. Thanks, LRENEES. You put me in some pretty good company. I am humbled to be in their ranks.

And thanks for reading my posts. I know commenting can take needed time away from slipping away to reading blogs of other friends. But like you : I love comments -- as I love this award. Thank you very much, Roland

Julie Musil said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words.

Theresa Milstein said...

Congratulations to the award recipients. They deserve it!

LReneeS said...

Roland: I'll try to comment more often. I do mean to it's just sometimes I'm only able to glance and then I must return to writing and what not.
Julie: No problem; all my thanks goes to you for blogging and letting us all get involved in it.

Evie J said...

Aw, thank you!!! :) *hugs*

Sheron Parris said...

I'm glad you commented me because I was just thinking about the interview. I'm up for doing it whenever, really. Just send it when you desire, and I'll email it back, answered 10, if no 15 minutes later.
And wow to those Authors who won you're award. =] Congrats, to them.

-Sheron Parris

Sheron Parris said...

That's fine, hon. I'm going through my own malarkey over here so just write up the questions when you have time because heaven knows none of us do anymore. =]
Take it easy.

Happy Writing.
Sheron Parris

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