Monday, August 9, 2010

Sketching a Fashionable Future

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I have at last finished revising my short story for the teen magazine.... And this story focuses on fashion.

Sketching a Fashionable Future
As I told you, I've never written a story --or a short story for that matter--focusing on fashion.  When the Teen Inkst Magazine suggested that I give it a try, I thought, "Well, what do I have to lose?"
And so I thought in this post I would tell you simply about the story and about what it was like for me to write this new kind of project.

The short story focuses on a young woman named Chelsea Staceys.  She is in love with fashion.  It is something she absolutely adores, and after all what is there to hate about it.
She has set high goals for herself to achieve, but they are not as easy as one might at first expect them to be.  I think that this story will be one that girls with dreams will be able to understand and relate to.
I should also tell you that this story focuses on a lot of matters that many of my pass stories have not --such as friendship, confidence, dreams, etc.  Friendship is can usually always be in any story, but this one focuses a lot on that because it is Chelsea's friends who end up having a huge effect on her life.... It is her sketches of designs that could very well pave her future or destroy it.
Set in modern times, Chelsea must find her confidence again.

If you read this short story I want to hear your thoughts on it.  I would not say it was a story that I fell in love with, but when I finished it I hoped that someone who has the same dreams as Chelsea had would be inspired to never give up.  So for anybody who ever had dreams about becoming a fashion designer or for any girl who ever wanted to become something more...
This is my story for you.

P.S. I'll put up the link for the story when it's in the magazine.
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