Friday, August 27, 2010

chapter eighteen has finally been UPLOADED

Book JacketI had planned for myself to finish this chapter a week ago, yet here it is a week later that I finally actually do have it finish and can tell you this.  For any of my readers out there or followers who care about when I ramble on about Cursed with Power I am deeply sorry that this chapter took so long.
Before I continue on I would like to thank Riv Re and Julie Musil for helping me out when I began fretting over the ending of this book.  Without their advice who knows when this chapter would have been typed and finished.  Also, thank you to Gabby because though she's not a writer she listened to me as I freaked out over the whole seemingly--and still perhaps--scary scenario.

Chapter 18...............
There's not much I can give away for chapter 18 because you know how I feel about giving away too much.  I will say that this chapter is yet again another one full of interesting --or hopefully-- dialog and an ending that leads into the next chapter. Find out how when you read the book!

Coming up..............
THE NEXT TIME is chapter 19; perhaps those words ring a bell?  Read the book and see if you're correct!

The author's looking forward to..............
Well, as I said it took me forever to write this chapter, and then while I was writing it I was literally texting, emailing, and asking my fellow writers and friends for help.  Now that I feel a little better about how things are going I'm just looking forward to moving on in the book and keeping the story itself moving.

And there you have it, everybody.  I've finally got this chapter up and on IP for you to read.  I've also recently joined Writer's Cafe and am slowly posting chapters of Cursed with Power on there.  Now it's to working on chapter 19 for me and for you... I don't know; whatever it is that you're doing.


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