Wednesday, August 11, 2010

News update

Book JacketSadly it does not look like I'll have chapter 13 of Cursed with Power finished this evening because I've been reviewing the whole book and I was also preparing myself for once I start working on New Life.
Book JacketOf course by doing that I did manage to get myself somewhat distracted because for a while I was debating over two different summaries for New Life.  At last, though, I was successful in deciding which one I liked best that would keep the interest of my readers.

And though this is not for sure... I think I may be writing Innocent & Young for Nanowrimo.  Again, it's not set in stone yet though, so there may still be a chance I change my mind come November.  For me it's a really big deal because as I've said I want to pick a book that I will follow and write my heart out to through the 30 days of the contest.


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