Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Writing more for Cursed with Power and OMG!!!!!!!!

Book JacketToday I'll be writing more for Cursed with Power.  I really wanted to get back to work on it yesterday but I ended up working on dialog in my journal to get the chapter I'm working on right now to flow easier.  I think I also lost a supporter  for Cursed with Power today:(  I'm trying to find out who took the book off their pick list so I can inquire why they did so.

And besides that I have some other news....
First off, I found out there's a writing group going on this Friday so I am really hoping I can go.  You guys already know that the other one isn't till September, thus this one being sooner is great.  I'm not sure yet what I have to bring --if anything--and if we can bring our stories... Oh crap, I'll really have to work on The Magic of Light.  I mean, it's not like I haven't already edited it to death, but I think it still needs more editing.  A lot more.

Also, because I entered Dark Romance into the new contest on IP more people have began viewing it than anyone did for the several long months it's been up on IP.  And you know what everyone is telling me?  They're saying I should turn it into a book one day.  Oh boy, there's another thing I'll have to do.  Obviously I don't have to, but I mean I was considering it and now I'm figuring that eventually I should since so many people seem to think that's a good idea.

I dared to look over --glance would be the correct word to use, actually--Certain Fate two days ago... Oh, it's needs editing!  Even if I finished Cursed with Power and then can return to Certain Fate and get it up to 10,000 words there is no way I'm making it public until I polish it up.  It's just a disaster.  Dialog is too long, narration is confusing, paragraphs are extremely long, etc etc.  Well, I'll just have to fret over it when I return to it one day...


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