Thursday, August 12, 2010

Writing a novel doesn't happen in a day

I know a lot of writers who are working on novels and then I know a lot who are seemingly avoiding that path.  I thought today I would just share with you something I've come to accept and get over when it comes to writing novels.
You cannot write a novel in a day.
Short stories and poems sometimes you can finish in one day if you really work all day on them, but novels, on the other hand, are a complete different story.  Literally.
When you are writing a novel you cannot really expect to finish it at any particular date.  (Of course, this does not apply if you working on something for Nano).  Novels can take months and months and even years to finish.  And that's just to finish it; it could be another several months or years before your work is all it can be.
How do I know, you ask?  Well, I was looking over my work last night and luckily for you I have brought you proof of the facts that I am stating.
Everblue-- started February 10th; it is now August.  6 MONTHS

Certain Fate-- started May 23rd; it is now August. ABOUT 3 MONTHS

Cursed with Power-- started June 27th; it is now August. ALMOST A MONTH
Keep in mind that everything I've used as an example above are novels that I've only been working on for several months and they are all still unfinished.  I didn't bring the examples of my other novels that are finished or are still unfinished and have remained so for several years.
My advice to you if you are writing or are considering writing a novel?  Be dedicated.  Be ready to forth a lot of focus, patience, and more focus towards this novel.
Hopefully this post has somewhat helped or inspired my fellow writers who are following or viewing this blog.  Just remember that when you're writing your novel you have to get comfortable and be ready for a long journey ahead of you.


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