Friday, August 6, 2010

Innocent & Young

You know what's terrible?  What's really, really terrible?  When you think you have your mind made up and then you don't!  Those of you who are writers know exactly what I'm talking about.  And here I am really mainly talking about the factor that I had my Nano book selected and now I'm thinking of another book that maybe I should do for Nano instead.
Someone please give me an opinion?

Innocent & Young
She had to learn to rule a kingdom that could very well fall apart at any time.
Innocent & Young is the story about a young girl who has to take over the throne before she has even lived through her childhood.  Lela becomes Queen and has more problems to deal with than one should ever have to.  She's only eighteen when her father's enemies, the Klecks, come back into her life to threaten it once more and to destroy the kingdom her father spent years building.
Telling the story from how she sees it is Kym, Lela's advisor and closest friend.
Can Lela rule a kingdom that is falling apart?  Is there any hope?  Can she handle all the responsibilities and stay true to who she is or will she lose herself entirely in all of the madness? 

You can read the short story that I made of this on IP here but the story is going to change entirely is I chose to do it for Nano, since you have to start Nano stories in November anyhow.  I'm interested in your thoughts, whether you read the summary and the short story or just the summary.  Remember the other book I was going to do for Nano was STRONGER.  Seeing as I cannot do both, I am in desperate need of opinions here.
I should also mention that the short story is soon to be published in the teen magazine that Forever Live the King was published in.  I'll post up the link when it's in there!
Thanks to any who give their opinion.


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