Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In other news today...

Currently writingI do not know if I will get to writing chapter thirteen of Cursed with Power today.  While I want to get back to the book ASAP before I forget everything, I do have other work I have to attend to.
However, I want to keep you updated with what's happening with the story.

Today Cursed with Power sadly went up to a rank of 958.  This is not really good,  but at least it's not really, really high.  While the story is still on 9 watch lists, it is only on 4 pick lists now.  Nonetheless, thank you to everyone and anyone who is supporting the story.
I understand that I could have more readers for the story if I ever caught up to my book swaps that I owe on IP, but I am afraid that this is taking me a while.  Book swaps... Oh, how they take time...
Anyways, if you haven't read the story yet you know I always tell you how you can.
Read it. Review it. Comment it. Add it.


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