Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday is Book Blogger Hop

Hi everyone.  It's finally Friday and this is my first time participating in the book blogger hop on my blog.   Enjoy!

My name's Lindsey Sablowski, but I sign as LReneeS to keep it simple for everybody.  This is my first year as a blogger, but as all of my followers will tell you I blog as if I have no life.  Nonetheless, my followers and fellow bloggers, I assure you I actually do have a life.  Before I go into the question for today's blog hop, I wanted to just add in a little more about myself so you know the kind of person I am.
I never really thought I'd get into the blogging ordeal, yet here we all are at my blog.  I really love blogging, and with followers I feel that what I post will be read by someone.  
In my life away from my blog I'm a YA writer.  I mostly write fantasy.  Where's my fantasy readers?  Anybody?  I have decorated my blog with more features about my books than probably about myself because I'm really hoping this blog can help promote the work I do.
When I'm not writing I'm reading and actually having to work and go to school.  Fun, oh fun. *sarcasm*

Blog hop question: What kind of rating system do you have for books?

I rarely ever rate books I read because I just don't feel that something I really want to blog about.  On the rare occasion I do rate a book it is because I really, really loved the book and think other people should read it.  Ratings are 1-5 stars.  One means you should never, ever read this book and five means you should buy this book right now and read it a thousand times over.

Thanks if anyone stopped by for the blog hop!  Leave me a comment and I'll stop on by your blog, as well.


Elana Johnson said...

Ooh, rating books. It's such a hard thing. People always ask me to review books, and that's so hard. I do try to be as positive as possible, and if I really don't like something, I just don't tell anyone I've read it.

LReneeS said...

Elana: Hmm, well that's an interesting way to do it.

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