Friday, August 13, 2010

New query wanting CRITIQUE

August 13, 2010
            To whom it may concern,
            Enter the world of magic…
            In The Magic of Light two young teenagers, Trisha and Keith, discover they have magical powers after their families are kidnapped.  Though they know nothing about magic and the dangers involved with it, they decide to join together and begin the search for their family.  Soon Trisha and Keith realize that it is not just themselves who have been affected from the constant darkness that seemingly comes with no warning.  There’s a man who is behind it all and it is he that they must confront.
            Upon reaching the West Castle, Trisha and Keith are convinced that they will need more assistance to go after the Dark King and his group of allies.  They form a large group of magicians and set off.  Before long, however, the un-advanced magicians accept that in the end they will have to fight the horrific Dark King himself or everything they have worked for will be pointless.  This is a battle they cannot afford to lose.
            The Magic of Light is a fantasy YA of approximately 88,000 words.
            I enjoy writing and have gotten two short stories published in the Howard High School magazine.  I am also a staff writer for Teen Inkst Magazine and have completed several short stories to benefit that.
            Thank you for considering my book for representation and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Lindsey Sablowski


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