Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tomorrow the craziness begins

To all my followers, viewers, fellow writers, and whatever have you:
I'm letting you know now that tomorrow is when the craziness begins for me.  I go back to school and thus I won't be able to blog or even write as frequently.  I'm as sad about this as you are, but I assure you that I will still blog when I have the chance and as always I'll keep you updated without whatever I get into with my writing.
I do not know whether I'm going to be overwhelmed with papers and work or if for a while it won't be all that bad, but I just wanted to give you guys this notice so you wouldn't wonder if I don't get to blog as much as I usually do.

If I get the chance after school tomorrow I'll post a notice.  I still plan to work on Cursed with Power, despite however much work I have to do for Junior year.

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Summer Ross said...

good luck with classes, mine already started.

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