Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dyanna's death

Currently writingWhen I blogged yesterday that I would be doing some revisions to chapter one because I felt that these revisions would be necessary, I think I may have made it sound like I was going to be making drastic changes.  (And I really hope that drastic is the right word to use, but if it's not my apologies for not having the greatest word choice in the morning).
You see, I've added in some more about Dyanna.  Since she is already dead when the book begins you don't really get to be there the day of her leaving Celestria.  One of my friends on IP, TomW, suggested that I put more about Dyanna in the first chapter because then the readers will care more about the fact that she's dead.  He believes that so long as the reader knows --or feels they know, in this case--the character who died they will have more sympathy towards their death and the people who were effected by it.
I'm hoping that what I've put in about Dyanna in the first chapter is good enough for readers to care, but you know that I'm always interested in hearing other opinions.  Read it.  Please note that on IP chapter one is actually chapter two because I had to make my prologue count as the first chapter.  (Well, I didn't have to but I wanted to do it that way; it would have bothered me if the prologue and the first chapter were together).
For those of you who haven't read Cursed with Power yet and you're thinking to yourself, "She's kind of giving away a lot to those of us who haven't read it..." Don't fret over it because I am actually not giving away much that you did not already know.  As I said, Dyanna's death is something you're told at the very beginning of the book --it's even in the prologue.  As you continue to read farther in the book you're going to find that the events about Dyanna's death and the fact that no body was ever recovered will continue to haunt Celestria's thoughts.  You could say that even though Dyanna's dead she gets her own parts in the book to play out in her death.
Secrets, secrets, secrets.... I fear that if I continue on about Dyanna I might give away something that I definitely do not want to give away.  If you want to know what all the significance of Dyanna's death is and find out if Celestria's going to live you'll have to read the book for yourself.
Read it. Review it. Comment. Add it.

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Sheron Parris said...

Speaking of querying, I believe I'm to get to work on it. XD Thanks for the kind words m'dear. And I'm most intrigued on reading your book. But I'm afraid I'll have to do so at a later time. (Swamped as of right now.) But I promise! [Raises Chips Ahoy cookie in air vigorously]


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