Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A writer's group at last!

I thought I would never find a free writer's group to go to that was nearby where I live, but at last I was successful.  This post is actually a little late because I found the writer's group several hours ago.  Anyways, I just felt like blogging about this because as you can imagine I'm excited!

In the writer's group everyone comes with copies of their novels, poems, short stories, articles, or etc. and then everyone shares and critiques.  I will not be going to the group until a month from now, but I think that I obviously have to take the first two chapters of The Magic of Light with me for critique.  (But I can tell you right now that I need to polish that book up some more).  So perhaps I will try to edit some or edit a lot before the September is here.

Anyways, I am thrilled about that and I'm glad to hear you guys liked the interview with Julie Musil.  Another interview is soon to come with Lala from Lala Land.  Hope you'll come to read that one as well.
And now it's back to work on Cursed with Power, though I might be back because I keep checking in with the wonderful things they are doing at WriteOnCon.  If you are a writer and you are not at that conference --PLEASE go there.  It is really fun and really helpful.
I'll be posting my query letter soon. Please consider critiquing it, won't you?  Pretty please?


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