Monday, August 16, 2010

Wrong Impression

I wanted to blog about this because someone who recently read Cursed with Power got the impression that I was trying to make Dark magicians out to be good people.  I thought it would be good for me to explain that I am not trying to do such a thing.

the Magicians seriesThe Magicians series, as you know, focuses on five Dark magicians and there struggle to survive since they are the last of their kind.  Each story in the series is told from the POV of one of the five Dark magicians.
At times it may seem like the magicians are saying --or suggesting--that they are good people, but in truth they are not.  Seeing as they actually tell the story from how it happens and how they see it, they are of course going to be objective and bias towards themselves.  These magicians know they are villains --or whatever you would prefer to call them--but like anyone else they do not believe that what is happening to them is right, nor is it something that deserves to happen to them because they are evil.
Like you, I view Dark magicians as villains, no matter what the story.  However, in this series you have to keep in mind that the stories are being told from each magician's perspective.  
So if you are reading Cursed with Power or if you should happen to read any of the other books in the five part series, please keep an open mind and remember that the magicians are narrating the story.


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