Thursday, August 12, 2010

In order to write a series you will need...

While I am still distracted from writing more for Cursed with Power I have decided to give you my honest opinion about the most important factors you must have figured out before you consider writing a series.

I know a lot of you who are already writing a series so this is nothing new for you, but perhaps you can just find that you agree with what I say.
As always I just want to note that this is my personal opinion and nothing I say here is what you have to live by.  An opinion is an opinion and we'll leave it at that; now maybe when I'm published I'll not say that this could be totally incorrect but for now I'll just cover myself.
What you'll need to write a series:
  1. A colorful cast of characters
  2. A well developed storyline
  3. Time to look at what's ahead
So let me know explain why I say you'll need the following things and let's go in order, shall we?
A colorful cast of characters is important for every project you write, but with series this is really essential because if you cannot find your characters interesting or make them that way then it is unlikely that the readers will either.  You should be able to connect to characters and have a narration for the story that also lets the readers connect with them as well.  Have a favorite and someone you hate?  Make sure that the readers will also have characters that they feel this way towards.  Let's face it, if you can't stand your characters your book will be a failure.  Characters make the story; it's not the other way around.
A well developed storyline is something you can't do without for a series.  If your story is something that could have been ended in one book, why are you continuing it on?  Some stories do not need to continue on, so please keep the readers interests in mind.  The ending of the first book should probably arise new questions and leave the readers wanting more, thus the next book occurs  In each book you'll be answering more questions while at the same time adding in more, and some may not come to an end until the very last book in the series.  Make sure you know what your storyline is and that it is strong enough to live through a series of books.
Time to look ahead.  By this I mean simply that you should be thinking about the next book in the series and gathering new ideas for that while you are working on the current book in the series.  If you don't know what you want the next book to focus on, how will you know where to end the current book?

If you are writing a series as I am feel free to leave a comment on whether you have found that the three components I mentioned in this post are essential.  If you'd like to mention something else you find that is important, I encourage you as always to share your thoughts.

LReneeS is currently working on the Magicians series, a five part series.  The series focuses on five Dark magicians; each story told from a different point of view.  
She has also written a trilogy for The Magic of Light, though only the first book has been finished and the second one is in the progress of being written.


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