Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Life

I've prepared myself on IP for when I get to writing New Life.  For those of you who are just dying to know what this book is about I'll tell you a little bit.  However, the full summary of the book I shall not be posting until I finish Cursed with Power.  I feel if I tell you the full summary now I'll be giving away too much, though the summary of this book really doesn't give away a lot.

New Life
Book 2 of the Magicians series

Sentence summary: Léal changed his looks because he wanted to; he was forced to change his life because he had to.

Please keep in mind that the cover for this book I created on polyvore but I will probably ask Curtis Rainey on IP or my friend Gabby to make a new cover for when I start this book because as you guys know, I am not artist at all and someone can definitely make a better cover than this.  (Of course, if you know somebody who loves making covers tell me, will you?  I always could use an artist and I always give credit to those tha make my book covers).

New Life.  Expect to be reading the book soon! (And by soon I mean after I finish with Cursed with Power).
THANK YOUS to everyone who continues to give me support and motivates me.  I appreciate it and I always love hearing your thoughts.

Want updates for when New Life will be available for you to read?  Comment and ask to join the mailing list.


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