Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maybe chapter 18 today????

I feel as if I have been saying I'll finish chapter 18 for days upon days upon days --though in truth that is not the case-- but I do assure you I mean to finish and upload it when I am able to.  I am still behind with book swaps and I'm trying to catch up with comments, PMs, and everything else in between.
Cursed with Power (book 1 of the Magicians series)Besides that, I'm just trying to make sure that I don't make chapter 18 happen all too soon.  That doesn't make sense.  Um, what I'm trying to say is that events that happen in chapter 18 are essential to the story and I have to write them the correct way.

About other projects.... I am to have the cover of New Life soon up once it is finished.  I do not know exactly will that will be, but I am hoping soon.  Curtis, who did the cover for Cursed with Power, is also making the cover for New Life so expect something great.
A new cover for Certain Fate is being made by my friend, Gabby, who also made the cover for Dark Romance.  Unfortunately I do not know when she will make the cover, since she actually draws the covers instead of using a program.  She has a life like everybody else, so when she draws the cover and scans it over to me I'll let you know and of course post about it.
Innocent & Young should eventually be in the Teen Inkst magazine one of these lovely days.... Again, something else I also do not know the date of.


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