Saturday, August 28, 2010

new cover for STRONGER

The new cover for STRONGER is here, everyone.  
This cover was made by Katy Thompson, who deserves all the credit for the excellent work.  You might remember the original cover for the story, and I think we can all agree that it wasn't very impressive.

Like the new cover?

In my next post I'll be sharing with you the new cover for A Greater Destiny, and hopefully soon the last two books in the Magicians series will be complete.  Keep checking back in for more.  
By the way, STRONGER is not currently available for you to read because I haven't began this book.  As you know, I'm considering it for Nano.  It's either this or Innocent & Young and my final decision won't come until November.

And hey, here's the colored version of the cover that I'm also using to promote the book on the blog.
That's all there is really for me to say about this cover.  If you want to read a story with action and an unlikely hero, here ya go!  Stay turned for STRONGER.
Would you read this story?  More about coming up!


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