Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fashion story and then all that other "stuff"

Yes, I actually did begin working on my fictional fashion story today.  I've got some of it typed up on my alphasmart and now I'm moving onto putting it into Word.

I don't know if the story is good or not, but I guess that's why there are readers in the world, right?  I admit that the story is nothing like I've ever done before.  *pats self on the back* And.... it's not based in the Renaissance era.  (I know, I hardly believe it myself)!  The story I'll be posting up on IP soon once it's all typed out, and then maybe you can go see for yourself if it's any good.

But I also thought I should mention....
Currently writingI am just dying to get back to Cursed with Power.  I feel like I have not written something for that novel in forever and it is really starting to get to me.  Those of you who write know what I mean without having to explain. Those of you who don't.... Yeah, I'm not sure how to explain right now.
Oddly enough, I've been just mainly playing out scenes of the book in my head.  Do any of you ever do that? I've also been working on dialog for New Life, as I think I mentioned before.  It's really just because I am trying to get down everything so I do not lose it.

I heard back from my wonderful friend who is going to do the cover for Certain Fate.  (Oh, I'm sorry; I should have warned you about the sudden topic change).  For right now there's still no guarantee when the cover will be finished, but she assures me and I assure you that it will be finished soon enough.  And probably definitely before the end of August.  I look forward to seeing the new cover because the one I have right now is just a picture of a castle.  (How oh so not creative of me)...  When the cover is finished I will be sure to post something up so you all can see it.

And now I suppose I need to finish out my story for the fashion section of the magazine.  Hopefully I don't end up changing my mind on how the story goes.  You know, it's rather interesting to write, seeing as I've never been that into fashion as the main character in my story is.

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Sheron Parris said...

Well, there's a bit of romance between two characters, internal struggle, all of that, so I think it's something to balance out all the run-around-fighting-action. =]

Well, I suggest you just...let the character's tell the story for a bit, through dialogue, actions, ideals, and whatnot and kind of hold off on the massive paragraphs (I'm assuming) of narration, and say do something like:

"I thought you were aware of the Seven Orbs once in existence by the Great Ones, Christia," he said in surprise.
"No," she said, greatly interested now, "I've never heard...."
"Well," he said happily, leaning forward in his chair to relay the story intently, "allow me to tell you...."

And just let it flow, like that. Hehe, the above is obviously something I just made up just for you. =] Just try that and see if it works for you?

Thanks for reading the blog. ;) Happy writing.
Sheron Parris

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