Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chapter fourteen has been UPLOADED

Book JacketAt last chapter fourteen is finished and uploaded on IP for you to read.  As always I'm here to give you a little preview and some hints at what may happen and telling you about what very well could happen next.
Read it here.
Chapter fourteen: Miraculous
In chapter fourteen Celestria travels to a magical, miraculous place.  However, she does not realize that danger is right around the corner for her.

Coming up next....
Celestria must decide how far she wants to go to save a person she barely knows.  Is she really going to put her life on the line?  And what may be the most significant to her comes her way.  What will she do about it?

The author is looking forward to...
I'm glad to be moving on with the chapters and getting a lot of suspense and tension into the story.  The paranormal aspects of this story come into play yet again and make the reader (hopefully) wonder what is real and what is a hallucination.  Celestria has to come to make a vital decision on her behalf in the next chapter or so.  It is this decision alone that will lead to what kind of ending she has to her story.
Hope you'll stop in to read more; if not I'll be back again later with another new chapter up.  The answers you've been waiting for are ones that Celestria is just coming to find the answers to for herself.
Read the story. Review it.  Leave a comment.  Add it.


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