Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chapter thirteen has been UPLOADED

Book JacketAt last chapter thirteen of Cursed with Power has been finished and put up on IP for you to read.  Read it here.
Chapter 13.... A Faster Way
In chapter thirteen we're back again with Celestria as she quarrels with Grefin over how she's going to get to Belsgar.  However, there are some new information about the magical place that she and you do not know about until Grefin explains.

What's to come next?
Celestria is going to pair up with someone you would have never expected.  Also, her life once again is going to be put in danger.  How much longer will she be able to survive?  Can there be a happy ending for someone who has done wrong for so many years in their life?

The author's excited about....?
I'm excited about the ending of this book.  I have already got it brainstormed in a journal and I feel that it is exactly what will lead you into the sequel.  Before the end comes, though, there are still many more secrets to make their way into the story.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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