Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New review today

Currently writingI read a new review I got on Cursed with Power that mentioned something that rather surprised me.  This person was most curious as to why the man Celestria was writing to in the prologue had the name of Adam when they lived in such a "fantastical world".
I never really thought that Adam's name was out of place for the book because while there are magicians in this story, there are also regular people within it --Adam being one of them.
So I suppose what I am saying here is that I just want to explain that I see no reason to really change Adam's name because he is an ordinary guy with a name that was common back in the 1500s.  I think the extraordinary names I researched I used for the magicians.

Today I am going to try and start chapter thirteen after I refresh my memory with where I left off.  I'm assuming at this point in the book there are three major questions everyone has.
Is Léal ever coming back into the story?  What really happened to Dyanna?  Is there a real message inside of the diamond?
Alas you will have to wait until more is written to come to the conclusions of those questions.  For those of you who aren't reading the story, do not worry too much that I will give away a lot by my posts about Cursed with Power.


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