Monday, August 16, 2010

Chapter sixteen has been UPLOADED

Book JacketQuite honestly it's hard to believe that I managed to get through chapter sixteen.  Some of you who are interested in whatever I happen to blog may ask, "Why?"  Well, when I first began this chapter I wasn't sure where to go with it.  I mean, at the beginning I knew what was going to happen but then after I finished with that I stared at the page on Word and thought, "What's next?"
While I have the ending outlined --and what leads to the ending--it's just not time for the story to end yet.  Obviously at 16 chapters there is more that needs to go into the book.  So what did I do?  Well, I thought about it and thought about it.  And then, my fellow followers, writers, viewers, and whatnot, I came up with a crazy and dare I say fantastic idea.  Unfortunately I cannot give you the details because that would give something away!

Chapter 16: Lost, Not Forgotten..........................
In this chapter Celestria comes to make a vital decision; one that not only affects her life, but also another's.  After having made this decision, Celestria is haunted by memories and also new images she's never seen before.... How? Why? Is it really possible?  Take a step into the river and find out... Read the story here.

Coming next.....................................
Celestria next must decide if what she has experienced was real or imaginary.  Would someone pull such a dirty trick on her?  And if so, how could they have done it?
As the ending comes closer and closer.... more gets added in!

The author's excited about...........................
I'm looking forward to adding in more supernatural kind of events into the story that will make both the reader and Celestria question what is really happening.

Hopefully you'll consider taking the time to read the story if you have the chance to; if not, you may just have to be happy with what little I let you in on.  And I promise that soon Lala's interview will be up.  I've been working so much on Cursed with Power that I just haven't found the time to post it up yet.  (Sorry)!


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