Monday, August 9, 2010

An important THANK YOU

Hello my fellow bloggers, writers, friends, followers, viewers, and whatever else have you.
This post is dedicated to everyone I emailed this summer with my "writing update" emails.

Today I want to post a very important thank you, which I am hoping I will be able to type up in a timely fashion because at the moment the computer and I are not getting along too well.

This summer I emailed my friends, writing "buddies" (as I like to call them), and overall just a group of people who have always cared for me and continue to do so.
What all of these people probably don't realize is that this was my first summer in which I ever sent out so many emails and was actually enjoying myself while doing that.  (Now I know that makes me sound so nerdy)...  Instead of spending my summer emailing agency after agency, as I probably should have now that I think about it, I emailed my closest friends and so forth to keep them on track with my progress in my writing.
So to everyone who received those emails...
I do not know if you guys read my emails, and I think it's probably best I never know what you did with them.  For all I know you might have gotten tired of seeing my name in your inbox so often and put the emails straight into the trash can.  However, I happen to know all of you and I doubt you would be so harsh to do such a thing.  (But again, I really don't think I want to know if you did or did not).
I know that my emails have been both long and seemingly endless, yet here it is already August and before you know it summer will be over.  Whether you guys realize this or not, you were my inspiration this summer. You all in some way or another made me feel a kind of confidence that I never felt before.  I kept on writing and the more I wrote the better I felt because for the first time ever I felt as if  I were sharing my progress with the whole world.  (Even though in truth I know if was only with all of you).
You came along with me by reading those emails or replying to them and joined my long journey with Cursed with Power and those lovely rejection letters I got from agencies and publishers.  You were there to tell me my ideas were good and interesting and I felt as if you were there for Celestria as well because by following how her story moved along it was almost as if you were with her during her travels and adventures.  When she was battling and you feared the worst there you were again, hoping everything would end well for her while at the same time questioning how much you should like her character.  And believe me when I say that I am forever grateful you did care about her and the characters in my story.
As you guys know, I never did anything like this when I was writing The Magic of Light.  I do not think then I realized that I have a rather large group --okay not that large, but decent sized--I could keep informed.  It was great that you all kept letting me send you emails, as well, because I remember at the beginning I warned you that my emails are sometimes long --because you know how I go off rambling if I start on the topic of writing--and could possibly be boring.  Nonetheless, I thankfully never received a reply in which one of you were requesting I not email you about the story and my progress anymore.
There are not enough "thank you" images I can put into this post to fully express how thankfully I am to every single one of you.  I just hope that one day I can support you as much as you have supported me.  Being a writer isn't something anybody said was going to be easy, but with my friends and all of these people who care about me I feel confident.
Before I end this I want you guys just to realize two things.  One, I haven't finished Cursed with Power yet, which leads to... Two, I think your days of long emails from me might not be over.  (Sorry)!  But i have really enjoyed emailing you guys and telling you what I thought I would not have anybody to tell.  Hopefully there were emails that you liked reading, even if you could not reply to them.  (I did try to make the subjects interesting)...
And who knows.... maybe all of this will just give us all something to talk about and laugh over one day.
Thank you.  Your endless support and comfort is something I can not thank in enough words, but let these words be enough...
I will always be grateful for what you have said and done -even the simple things--because you are the ones who probably would have stood at the edge of a cliff with me. (Why we would be on the edge of a cliff in the first place is beyond me... Let's stay with that being more like a figure of speech).

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