Friday, August 20, 2010

Have you read this post? Why not?

The Teen Inkst Magazine is uploading stories in today, thus I think later I'll be back and giving you the links.  The new short stories of mine that are going up will be Innocent & Young and Sketching a Fashionable Future.

It is finally Friday! Honestly sometimes I feel like the week drags on and on and on, but at last Friday is here!

Since last night it was too late for me to give details about chapter 17 of Cursed with Power, I figure I probably should now before I return to typing up chapter 18.
It all happened so soon....
Chapter 17: Another Journey...................
In chapter seventeen Celestria is faced with having to travel somewhere else.  Now her mission seems clear to her, but can it really be as simple as she is thinking?  And what about all the troubles that she ponders about when all is silent?  How is this going to end for Celestria?  Well, both you and her are coming up on the end with every new chapter you read.

Coming up is..................
What I sadly cannot give away too much about.  As I come closer to reaching the end with this book it appears I'll have less and less that I can tell you.  Sorry; but you know what you can do to ease your curiosity. 

The author is looking forward to.................
What am I looking forward to?  Hmm, I think focusing more on the struggles Celestria is now going to face.  I mean, she's already been through a great deal of battling and betrayal and etc. but there's still more she has to face before she reaches the ending to her story, as she mentioned in her letter to Adam.  Whatever ending she has will lead readers into the next book.  I'll be curious for reactions when readers do discover how it all ends.

For now I believe this is all I have to say.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this yesterday, but I did not win in the "Love is Hell" contest.  At least there are still more contests that always go up, right?
To end this post I'll just say that now I've got to get back to Cursed with Power and perhaps if you should read the first and second chapter of the book on IP you can help me determine how to add in more about Dyanna at the beginning.
You can read the story by clicking here.


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