Monday, July 12, 2010

Character Monday-- Intro #2

Character Monday –July 12th

In today’s Character Monday Adam from In The Sky was a Dove and River James from River James: the Story, the Legend are going to meet. As always, before I let the characters begin their interaction I will tell you about them and about where they are meeting.

Adam was the main character and hero in the short story In The Sky was a Dove. He is a knight who is brave, determined, and believes in doing the right thing. His greatest fear is fire.

River James was the main character in the short story River James: the Story, the Legend. He is an ordinary man who enjoys spending most of his time out in the forest hunting. He is an excellent archer, but I assure you that there are no magical powers he has that are helping him. He is a simple kind of man who believes in doing right but likes to stay to himself when he can. He lives farther out from town near the forest.

Today Adam and River are going to meet in the setting of a town. Since a town was never mentioned in Adam’s story, I suppose the town in this Character Monday will be the town in River James: the Story, the Legend.

Hopefully you enjoy this, and remember that this never really happened between the two characters and that this may be split into parts.

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