Thursday, July 8, 2010

inkpop Forum: Meet and Greet, Sound Off, and Share Ideas

Hi everyone.
Are you tired of all the vampires stories? Romance vampire stories? Stories that copy off of Twilight? The obsession of Twilight?
If you are saying yes, then I have great news for you. Yes, IP has finally made a contest for those of us who hate vampires. Now is your chance to make a comedy out of vampires. Express your burning hatred and annoyance of them in your writing.
Log into IP to enter your submission, but in case you aren't on there right now I'll tell you the simple things you have to do to enter in your submission:
IP challenge marker: ic#21
format: any
genre: book, short story, essay, poem
Launch date: July 8th
End date: July 15th at noon eastern standard time

Make sure the IP challenge marker is in the title of your submission. After posting your submission, post it in the forum I gave you the link to above at the beginning of this post.
Make it something to laugh about.

Happy writing,


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