Monday, July 5, 2010

Character Monday: Leal & Hunter (PART THREE)

LEAL: Hunter, you are much more dangerous than I. You have the ability to raise the Dark spirits. Even a man such as myself would not want that power or responsibility.

HUNTER: I do not have the power any longer.

LEAL: What makes you think that? The Dark spirits may not be roaming our world, but that does not mean that your power has gone away. Your cat may have stopped you, but you could go and start again if you wanted to.


LEAL: It is the sad truth that every person has to eventually face. Not everything is good, Hunter.

HUNTER (upset): Please leave me. I cannot bear to hear more!
LEAL: If that be what you wish, Hunter… Remember what I have said, though.

HUNTER: Get out of here! You are just as bad as the spirits!
LEAL: I am hurt by that, Hunter. Those spirits of yours are much worse than I. I am only a magician practicing magic as I see fit. I do not harm to someone like you.

HUNTER: You. Are. Evil. Now go!

(Hunter begins chopping wood again.)

LEAL: Good day, Hunter. I wish you the best of luck with whatever it is you do now.

(Léal exits. Hunter continues to work on chopping the wood, and he only looks back once to see if Léal has really left.)

And that is all that I have for this Character Monday. Hope you liked it. If you have any suggestions I want to hear them. Next Monday I will have two different characters meeting and interacting. I'll tell you who it will be once I decide.

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