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New Q and A on the Magicians series

Here some new Qs and As on the Magicians series. My next post will just be Qs and As specifically focusing on how far I've come in Cursed with Power. All right, so here we go... again.

Why did you choose the names you chose for the Magicians series?
I did a lot of researching on the Internet and so forth to come up with the colorful list of names I have in the series. I've always imagined magicians to have strange and rare kind of names,and so I chose the rarest names for the main five Dark magicians.
Did the origin and meaning of these names come into play for your final decision?
Definitely not. I did not look up the meaning of these names until after finding them, and by then I was already set on keeping the names.  Nonetheless, I'll tell you about the meanings...

Celestria's name was one of the many that showed up in rare medieval names for females.  It is actually said to mean "heavenly", which I thought was a bit ironic for a Dark magician to be named.  However, I thought this name sounded good and the fact that it's rare just makes it work even better because I have always imagined magicians to have strange names.
This name actually means "faithful".  Though it is said to be French and sometimes used as a name for girls, it was in the list of rare medieval names for males.  Personally I just chose this name because I thought it was unique, and I don't know about you but a guy named Léal is a guy I would want to know more about --just kidding, it's not thatinteresting.
Instead of it being spelled as Dianna or Diana, I chose this spelling.  I think it was also common back in the medieval times era for names to have a "y" in them for some reason...  Dyanna is said to mean "divine".
While this name sounds much more likely for a female, it was actually on the list for male names.  (And yes, it was rare).  The meaning is between "cheerful" and "hilarious".
Gracien was another one of the rare male names in the medieval times era.  It was also spelled commonly as Gracyen, but I figured since I already had a main character with a "y" in her name that I would not put it also in a male character's name.  I was only able to find that Gracien means that you are "responsible, expressive, inspirational"
What makes the series more effective by having the narrators be the Dark magicians?
It makes it so that the narration is more tense and that the reader and Dark magician can come together differently than in past stories with magicians. Generally, the reader never gets to understand everything about the Dark magician or even learn that much about them. However, this series changes that so you only know the most about the Dark magicians, and since they are the main characters you have to rely on them for information. There's more of a mysterious and exciting tone in the series also because neither the Dark magician or the reader really know how everything is going to end.
Why did you choose magicians as your main focus?
I have always found the stories with magicians in them to be the most fascinating. Nothing says that magic or magicians ever existed and therefore when working with a story focusing on people with magic, the author truly can make the story goes as they want it to and can make the laws of magic on their own opinion.
Why is the prologue of each book a letter?
Each letter is written to a person that is significant to the main character in some way. By having the main character write to this person we know nothing about, it leaves there to be a time later for the reader to find out who the person is and why the main character would write to them. Of course, the main character never directly comes out and says why they wrote to that person, but is something that the reader will be able to make their own decision about.
Who do you think will enjoy reading the Magicians series?
I think anyone who has a passion for fantasy and magic will enjoy this series.  The main age focus is young adults, but I think also older individuals could find enjoyment in this series if they like stories with a deep plot and interesting characters. Besides magic, there is also action, adventure, romance, suspense, mystery, and etc. involved throughout these books.
Why did you chose to make a whole series out of this?
With a series I get to explore the characters in more depth and also can make the endings such as "to be continued". It makes the story last longer and it gives me the chance to go into depth with every single Dark magician in the series. In the end, the reader will have read about Celestria, Léal, Gracien, Alaire, and Dyanna and then can truly decide who they liked and disliked the most out of the group.
Why did you chose only five Dark magicians to have lived? And how come there are never any other Dark magicians in the series?
I do not know why I chose five --that number just came to me when I thought up the story. There are other Dark magicians mentioned throughout the series, but when I said that there were only five Dark magicians left I literally meant that was all there is. This is the series that focuses on a group of powerful people who have been alas overwhelmed by the forces of good. They are definitely going to struggle before they come to meet whatever fate awaits them.
Will we ever find out the complete details of what happened to the other Dark magicians?
Yes, you are going to find out everything at some point or another.  And in Gracien's Staircase it will all come to an end somehow. (I say somehow for now because I don't know the full details of the ending yet, not that I would give them away anyways)...
If magic was ever real at a time and this had happened, what do you think the reality of the results and reactions would have been?
My thoughts on that I pretty much put into this series.  I think what happens to these five Dark magicians sounds believable for the situation that occurred.
Since you have only worked with Léal and Celestria so far, who do you favor more?
I think I like Léal more. There's something about his attitude and personality that makes him enjoyable to work with, though I can't say I hate Celestria. The way those to "get along" with each other is something I really love working with.
Which do you think readers will like the most?
It's hard to say because I've been getting different reactions. Some people tend to find Celestria "annoying" because of how she reacts to matters, but others think she has a voice that keeps pulling you in fore more. Léal and Celstria are both equally determined I would say at this point, but I think that readers will change their feelings towards both characters many times before actually coming to the conclusion of who they like better.

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