Monday, July 5, 2010

Character Monday: Leal & Hunter (PART ONE)

(Léal enters forest.)

HUNTER (farther away): Who goes there?

LEAL (cautious): My name is Léal. I am just traveling through these woods to meet a friend.

(Hunter walks away from the pile of wood he is cutting and advances towards Léal.)

HUNTER: Your name is Lea?

LEAL (annoyed): Léal.

HUNTER (curious): What kind of name is that?

LEAL: It’s a French name that my mother was very fond of. I assure you it is a man’s name, if that be your worry, sir. What of your name?

HUNTER: I am Hunter.

LEAL: That is a rather plain name, I think. Then again, it is you ordinary people who lack creativity.

HUNTER: Ordinary people?

LEAL: Nothing; you would not understand. Do you live out here, Hunter?

HUNTER: Yes, I live in that cabin over there.

(Hunter points over to his right.)

LEAL (bored): Interesting… Well, I really-

(There is a strange noise that rings through the forest.)

HUNTER (worried): Oh no…

LEAL (excited): Did you hear that? What is it? I do not believe I’ve ever heard a noise like that before!

HUNTER: I have heard it before, but it is not a pleasant noise to hear again. I wonder how it came back…

LEAL: How what came back?

HUNTER (nervous): N-nothing. I have work to return to.

LEAL: Come on! I promise you that your wood will stay in its place while you tell me. I want to know, Hunter, and if you will not tell me I shall find out for myself.

HUNTER: You can be very demanding, can’t you?

LEAL: Yes, Hunter, so tell me.

HUNTER: It is complicated. That noise has a very dark story to it… One that I’d rather not tell a stranger.

LEAL: I’m not a stranger, Hunter.


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