Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Editing and typing

I edited the prologue and first chapter of Cursed with Power.

I've begun writing the fifth chapter, and I was really glad to see that the book is now on four picks lists. I don't want to bore you with saying how I'm so happy I only have four picks after a few days, but I really am:)

Besides working on Cursed with Power I am also working on fixing the dialog for The Magic of Light. Do not think I have put that book down because I'm working on a new novel.
I've sadly heard nothing from any agencies or publishers. Of course, that could be taken as both a good and a bad thing because you know when you hear from them too early that it's usually not good.
I've been meaning to post up more Q and A just because but as you know I'm busy with writing, so who knows when that will really be up....
So while I'm not typing up chapter five or I get frustrated with my poor word choice because I'm working it out on my alphasmart, I may be reading over my past projects because... Why not? It's always interesting to read back on your old work and think, "Wow, I've come a long way."

I know, you're actually wondering what an alphasmart is. Here is a picture of one:
You know what I really want them to do with the alphasmart? Have the keys glow in the dark; I know it might be asking a lot, but I think that would great and really helpful during the night. Also, perhaps they should make it easier to type fast on there... I don't know, typing on there is not the same as typing on a computer. For those of you who are still like, "But what is an alphasmart?!" it's like a laptop but cheaper and only has word documents. Check it out on eBay or amazon.

Happy writing,


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