Monday, July 5, 2010

Character Monday-- Intro

Character Monday –July 5th

For this Character Monday, I am having an interaction between Léal and Hunter meet. Before I begin with the interactions between the two that will be in the format of a script dialog, I will tell you about them.

Léal is from the second book in the Magicians series, New Life. He is a Dark magician who changed everything about himself after getting seriously involved in performing magic. He is wealthy from owning a business that ending up getting very popular. While he is charming and keeps a cool tone to his voice, Léal has a very dark side to himself that only the magical world gets to see.

Hunter is from the short story, Dark Romance. He had the power to raise all of the Dark spirits from where the elves had trapped them long ago. Hunter was haunted by a Dark spirit that had escaped, and after finding out it was a spirit that continued to encourage him to do what could very well destroy everyone and everything as he knew it, Hunter became rebellious. He ended up not releasing the Dark spirits because of Savannah, a woman he had fallen in love with. While it seemed that Hunter was safe, the Dark spirit that had haunted him did not go away for good.

On this Character Monday, Léal and Hunter are meeting in the forest where Hunter lives.

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