Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I put up the edits for chapter five of Cursed with Power today. They are now on IP so you can read it.

I am beginning to work on chapter six of Cursed with Power, but I cannot guarantee that I will finish it by this evening seeing as I am just starting right now.
Though I'm bias, I felt that chapter five had the most intense and interesting dialog so far. A close friend of mine has already begun to read Cursed with Power, and so far she has decided that she has a lot of questions and that the story is interesting enough for her to want to read more. I promise to all readers of the book that your questions will be answered in time to come.
About chapter six... I know in a post or two ago I said that there was going to be a battle, but let me tell you know that I do not think that battle is going to take place until around chapters 7-9. Chapter five ended up being much longer than I had expected and some that was going to originally go in that chapter is now going into the next chapter and so forth. I don't know when the battle is coming, but yes there is going to be a battle.
Keep checking in on my blog. I'll keep you updated.

Happy writing,

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Riv Re said...

I don't understand why it takes you so much time to do each chapter. Do you agonize over every word? (Not trying to insult, trying to understand)

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